North Carolina LEGO User Group is an officially recognized LUG by the The Lego Group since 1996. In-person events are focused around Asheville, Charlotte & Raleigh; however, anyone is welcome to join.

Membership benefits

How to become a member

1 Participation Requirements

To be eligible for LEGO AFOL discounts, fan events and some exclusive perks, you must actively participate with the community for 1 year timeframe.

Check out our flagship show, Bricksboro, at the Greensboro Science Center every October!

Other frequent questions

How many members are there?

We have 30+ frequently active members with 100+ less frequently engaged members.

I don’t design my own creations, I just like to build sets. Will I fit in with NCLUG?

Yes! We have people who design their own creations, but plenty of members who prefer to build LEGO’s sets.

I am a part or set reseller. Can I join?

Members frequently trade and sell parts and/or sets. However, NCLUG is not a marketplace – we ask members to be participants primarily and merchants secondarily.

Am I required to attend meetings?

Regular attendance is not mandatory; however, monthly meetings are an important touchpoint for discussing upcoming events, handling LUG procedures, and getting to know your fellow members.