March Microbuild MOC Challenge

Hello and welcome to our post about the March MOC Challenge for NCLUG. Last month marked the first time we had ever had a microscale build challenge for our My Own Creation monthly event.

Microscale LEGO builds are are those that are smaller than minifigure scale. Creators get to use their imaginations in using elements that end up being something totally different than what they might have intended to be. This results in a GPU – Great Parts Usage! An example of this would be the whisk being used as a part of the satellite dish in the build labeled M above. Microscales also are great because they don’t require as many bricks as some builds would.

NCLUG had a total of 18 entries last month, ranging from castle to landscapes to space and much more! Take a deeper look at all of the entries in the gallery below and let us know what your favorite is!