NCLUG Exhibits at BrickUniverse Raleigh

Photos by Matt Zeher

On June 23rd through June 25th, BrickUniverse took over the Raleigh Convention Center for it’s annual LEGO show. NCLUG worked with the show management to be able to group most of our builds together. In the end, we had 9 members from the group display their creations, many of which brought home show awards!

Duncan Lindbo is a very talented builder and he brought a wide variety of spaceships, mecha and other related builds that wowed the audience. He also won Best Spacecraft and Best Bionicle builds!

Richard Roth is one of our resident Bionicle scholars and he showed it with his impressive display of Bionicle builds! The kids love his life sized robot!

Hoss brought a very impressive display of Blacktron base and related builds!

Adam Martin had a fun and interactive display of the Dorthea Dix park, where participants were asked to find a certain number of animals or characters in the park and then were awarded a small prize once they completed all scavenger hunts. Adam also brought some popular builds of Wizard of Oz, a bowling alley and others.

Matt Zeher brought some of his collection of pirate related builds, as well as old school fan favorite, AquaZone! These were some great builds and we also thank Matt for these great pictures he took of the event!

Richard Harding brought his epic, massive, super cool Black Falcon Castle. This thing was months and months of work, over 70,000 pieces and won Best in Show and the Kerry Woo award in the Adult category. Great job to Richard on his hard work in putting together this awesome build!

Several NCLUG members collaborated for the Prehistoric Park! The idea was to build sections of it in at least a 48 stud x 96 stud section and have paddocks for dinosaurs or other parts of the park. AK, Charlie Watson, Matt Zehr, Ben Kreager and Nick Hopkins all build portions of this. Being only the only dinosaur related build, it was a fan favorite. Thanks to AK for manning the station behind it and interacting with the public all weekend! This build won Best Pop Culture build! We will continue to build this out to include more paddocks and more visitor services!

Ben Kreager brought out some of his Star Wars builds! This included a large Hoth model, including trenches, battle scenes and an AT-AT.

Last not but not least, Nick Hopkins had a wide variety of builds for BU. A crowd favorite is always his collection of mechs, builds of different genres ranging from Star Wars to TMNT. Nick also has a wide variety of car and truck builds, as well as castle themed builds. Big thanks to Nick for being the spearhead of the Prehistoric Park collaboration and the NCLUG sitting together at Brick Universe!

That is all from this year’s BrickUniverse. NCLUG will be back with BU when they return to Raleigh next year on January 26-28th, 2024!